Wood Shake Tile

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Wood Shake Tile

The Metrotile Woodshake profile is designed to get the same appearance of a wooden roof with the additional benefits of steel roofing.

The Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Woodshake profile is a product that offers incredible value and superior performance to traditional shake roof products in every way. Metrotile Woodshake offers the same great aesthetics as traditional wooden shake roof tiles while offering superior benefits. The deep lines pressed into each ZAM coated steel profile results in increased shadow definition, resulting in a tile that looks virtually indistinguishable from traditional wooden shake tiles, while simultaneously offering unmatched vandal and weather resistance.

Available in .410mm thickness and formed from high-quality Drawing Grade 3 steel, like all Metrotile profiles, Metrotile Woodshake makes a perfect choice for a wide variety of roofing projects.


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